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Our Equipment

A printer is never any better than the presses he uses, and there’s never a better press than a Heidelberg. German engineering at its best, Heidelberg combines industry-standard and state-of-the-art machines designed to produce impeccable results. And the efficient make-ready time, minimal down-time, and innovative press management and maintenance ensure competitive pricing and on-time delivery. Our Heidelbergs are, in a word, imPRESSive!

Heidelberg Speedmaster CD74 8-color perfecting press
Maximum Sheet Size: 23.5” x 29”
Options: aqueous, high gloss, dull, satin, suede and drip off, contrasting spot gloss on dull varnish

Heidelberg Speedmaster 75 5-color perfecting press
Maximum Sheet Size: 20” x 29”

Heidelberg Speedmaster 52 5-color perfecting press
Maximum Sheet Size: 14” x 20”
Options: 5th unit for inline die cutting

Heidelberg Quickmaster 2-color press (4)
Maximum Sheet Size: 13.375” x 18.125”


This specialty press gives our customer the edge when large quantities of envelopes are needed. Incredibly fast printer speeds zip your order right past the envelope conversion outfits while leaving your budget intact and your profit looking good!

Halm SuperJet 2-color perfecting envelope press
Maximum Envelope Size: 12” x 18”

2-Color Litho Press

The Diamond P7/13 is a 2-colour litho print press, which is manufactured in America primarily to overprint envelopes. It is widely acknowledged within the industry to be one of the most versatile and consistent printing machines available.

Diamond P7/13

Digital Print

You’ve got ideas. Your customers have requirements. Budgets. And expectations. Special requests are welcomed at PrintSmart. Our equipment and expertise allow us to personalize our service in time-efficient and cost-effective ways. We use Fiery-based rip systems and can score, perf, tab and coil bind within department.

Truepress Jet2500UV grand-format inkjet printer
Maximum Width: 94.42” wide

Konica Minolta 8000 COLOR (2)
Able to stitch books inline.

Konica Minolta 1200 BLACK
Able to stitch books inline.


We’ll stop short of calling ourselves miracle workers, but we do manage to pull a rabbit out of the hat when our customers need to meet a critical deadline. Delivering projects on time as promised is standard operating procedure at PrintSmart. While we like to have reasonable time to do projects right and to allow for those sometimes unavoidable Murphy’s Laws “gotchas,” we do our dead-level best to make things happen on time. Meeting critical deadlines depends on the right processes and people, the right equipment and expertise. PrintSmart maintains a complement of equipment and operators ready to bring your project to a satisfying finish, on time, while meeting agreed-upon expectations.

Polar cutters (2)
Size: 92” and 115”

Esko Kongsberg XP Cutting Table
CAD table

Stahl B-26 continuous feed folder
Options: gate fold and fugitive glue

Heidelberg die cutter
Horizon 40-bin saddle stitch and trim booklet maker
Tech Lighting UV coater
Drilling (paper punching)
Perfect binding